Agrobank Convention 2017 (Madrid)

Agrobank Convención 2017

Last October 20, 2017 PigCHAMP was very well accompanied by more than 600 branch directors on the third anniversary of the AgroBank Convention. The event, called “You are the protagonist“, was held at the the IFEMA Fairgrounds in Madrid, where were presented the Awards to the Best AgroBank Offices.

The inauguration was carried out by Juan Antonio Alcaraz (General Manager of CaixaBank), followed by two presentations: “You are the protagonist” and “Innovation”, by Benjamí Puigdevall (General Manager of CaixaBank Digital Business).

The roundtable was attended by Carlos Piñeiro (Managing Director of PigCHAMP Pro Europa), Joan Fons Cintas (Director of Agrarian Business of Hemav), Francesc Puigdemont (SISAPTEC Managing Director of AUTEC GROUP) and Marcos Canas.

In the conference, the commitment of La Caixa – AgroBank with the agricultural and food sector was emphasized, as it happens in the AgroBank Days. Throughout the different interventions, the benefits and possibilities of development of the digitization business were addressed, an aspect that Carlos Piñeiro had already defended in the Conference that took place in Lleida in June of this year.

AgroBank Convención 2017

AgroBank Convención 2017AgroBank Convención 2017
AgroBank Convención 2017

AgroBank Convención 2017