Master in Swine Health and Production (Colombia)

Next month we will be in Colombia to collaborate in the Master in Swine Health and Production, developed by the College of Animal Science at the University of Applied and Environmental Sciences.

Diplomado en sanidad y producción porcinaThis specialized course consists of 120 hours (from 26 June to 25 September) which includes 10 modules, covering all aspects of health and continuous improvement of production systems. Carlos Piñeiro will give several talks for the forth module ‘Data management and new technologies implementation in pig farms’  whose structure is as follows:

  1. Data, information and knowledge in the pig sector
  2. General structure of a program of Data Management and Productivity Analysis. Feature Guide
  3. Analysis tools (I)
  4. Analysis tools (II)
  5. Other sources of data and how to use them. The internet of livestock stuff
  6. Types of data to be analyzed based on productive phase, frequency and topic
  7. The Expert Report and scientific articles. When we gather tools and knowledge

The methodology in this module, like in others, will be combining theoretical aspects with practical application, in this case by PigCHAMP software. At the end of this, students will be able to extract the maximum benefit from the data generated on farms, helping decision making to improve the profitability and competitiveness of farms and production companies.

For more information, you can consult the full program.