Benchmarking of the fourth quarter of 2018 with record numbers

Demo benchmarking second quarter

Benchmarking is a powerful service with which we compare key indicators of production of a farm against the average of our database. This allows our clients to know their position in a ranking of farms with similar conditions and know their strengths and in which they should improve.

We already have the data for the closing of 2018 of our benchmarking. The comparison of this quarter brings record numbers, with data from 289 farms and up to 281,288 productive sows. This is 37,000 more than in the second quarter report.

In addition, our users’ averages show competitive and constantly improving data. The average of weaned piglets per sow and year amounts to 27.8. Congratulations to all the producers for their good work!

For years we have offered this analysis quarterly for free. The producer only has to send us a backup copy of his PigCHAMP software, with the closing of the quarter. On-line access via user and password allows them to compare the most important production parameters by simply accessing the results page. In addition, the reports are available in several languages.