Starting the ‘Towards INMS’ Project

Primera reunión International Nitrogen Management System (INMS)

Last 27th and April 28th we moved to Lisbon to attend the first meeting of the Project ‘Towards INMS (International Nitrogen Management System)’. This project aims to improve the understanding of the Global Nitrogen Cycle and to establish an International Nitrogen Management System (INMS)’. The project is a proposal to the Global Environment Foundation (GEF) […]

PROHEALTH newsletter

PROHEALTH project aims at improving competitiveness and sustainability of modern pig and poultry farming in Europe. PigCHAMP Pro Europe leads one of the tasks of the project. Last December it served as host to the second annual meeting. Recently the first newsletter with news of the project has been developed. You can download it at […]

Final report for Q-PorkChains project

Q-PorkChains is an EU funded project of the EU 6th Framework Program. It is the largest project, which is engaged in improving the quality of pork and pork products for the consumer. In total 62 organisations from 19 countries were working together during five years, from 2007-2011. PigCHAMP has coordinated a Spanish pilot chain to […]

Workshop “Livestock and the Environment” in MAGRAMA

Next November the 27th, will take place the workshop “Livestock and Environment” organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment; this event review the implications of environmental regulations for pigs and poultry sectors. Carlos Piñeiro will contribute with the lecture “Impact on the specific conditions of some available techniques in Spain: environmental, technical and […]

Mitigation Options for Ammonia Guidance

PigCHAMP contributed in the writing of the last reference guide for the control of emissions in livestock: Mitigation Options for Ammonia, Guidance from UNECE Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen) as an active member of TFRN (Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen) within UNECE (United Nations Economic Commision for Europe). This document summarizes the great effort to […]

Course valuation of agricultural manure and slurry

On 17, 18 and 19 of November, PigCHAMP will teach a new training course in Turegano (Segovia, Spain) focused on the proper management of manure and slurry at farms. To register or to apply for more information, you can call 677 576 923 or 921 412 556. Places are limited to 15 people and there […]

PlanSTAR Swine Day 2013

One more year, Eumedia and Mundo Ganadero celebrated this interesting day where we were present with the presentation ‘Real-time farm environmental control at low cost’, presented by Carlos Piñeiro. We thank the organizers for their good work preparing this event, as well as to the speakers and partners. Click on the following list to see […]

Collaboration between UPO and PigCHAMP

UPO and PigChamp study the movement and behaviour of swine livestock as a health indicator Researchers from the Genetics and Informatic Systems Area of the Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) in Seville have signed an arrangement with the international swine consulting company PigChamp Pro Europa for the comparative study of different movement patterns as predictors […]

PigChamp and Prohealth in the press

Pig Champ participates in the first european project of research in animal health The company PigChamp Pro participates in a consortium that received the biggest grant ever bestowed by the EU in the field of animal health. Pig Champ, directed by Carlos Piñeiro, is integrated within the Prohealth consortium, with 21 partners more from 11 […]