We colaborate in the Master’s Degree in Health and Pig Production

Master sanidad produccion porcina - PIgCHAMP Pro Europa

The Master’s Degree in Health and Pig Production is an official postgraduate training program jointly organized by the University of Lleida, the University of Zaragoza and the Complutense University of Madrid, areas of northeastern Spain with a significant presence of the swine sector. Since its first edition in 2006, we have collaborated teaching some classes […]

Training sessions on the application of Best Available Techniques (BAT)

Once again, the Castilla y León Regional Government has organized a training session for its technicians whose objective is to deep knowledge on the application of the Best Available Technologies (BATs) in the industries affected by the Industrial Emissions Directive and to unify criteria of action throughout the region. On 10 October, the day was dedicated […]

We address biosecurity at the SWINE Symposium of MSD (Madrid)

Swine symposium MSD 2017, Carlos PIñeiro

Last October 5 we were in the Palace of Neptune, Madrid, to attend the SWINE Symposium, organized by MSD Animal Health. Carlos Piñeiro participated with a lecture on “Applied Biosecurity: From theory to practice“, and at the subsequent round table with Miguel Angel Higuera (Director of Anprogapor), Anna Romagosa (Biosecurity manager at PIC) and Juan Luis […]

A summary of XXXVIII Anaporc Symposium & PROHEALTH Project

On 21 and 22 September, the Spanish National Association of Scientific Porcinoculture (Anaporc) held its XXXVIII Anaporc Symposium in Seville, one of the most international and high-level scientific-technological meetings held by Anaporc in its 38 editions. On this occasion, the XXXVIII Symposium brought together 604 specialists from the pig sector, which represents a new historical […]

We expand our offices

Oficina PigCHAMP

The PigCHAMP family does not stop growing. We continue on Santa Catalina Street, but we have expanded our offices. Come to see us!  

We are in Seville at the XXXVIII Symposium of Anaporc


This week we are in Seville to participate in the XXXVIII Annual Symposium of Anaporc. We have a very active role participating in the commercial papers on September 21, with the talk “One-click farm: how to see and understand one or many farms in 10 minutes” and the scientific presentation of the day 22 presenting […]

Anaporc and PROHEALTH together in Seville

anaporc 2017

The XXXVIII Anaporc Congress will be held on September 21 and 22 in Seville. This event is being organised since 1979, bringing together the most outstanding professionals of the sector, and making the symposium an international technical reference. In this edition, the presentations of the Congress will be focused on the work and results generated […]

Newsletter 5 of PROHEALTH Project

newsletter5 prohealth

PROHEALTH is the largest European animal health project ever funded to help combat production diseases of pigs and poultry. The project includes a range of participatory R&D activities, involving the development of improvement strategies, dissemination activities and digital tools and platforms for the EU pig and poultry industries. The PROHEALTH Consortium, set up by 22 partners from 10 […]

We create PigCHAMP Pro Latino

pigChamp pro Latino

We create PigCHAMP Pro Latino to develop the business of information management and implementation of innovative technologies in farms in Latin America. The company will have its headquarters in Bogota (Colombia). We will assist the needs of producers and veterinarians in information systems and data analysis, both productive, reproductive, health, antibiotic, environmental and food machine […]

GESTAL SOLO & three generations of farmers

Instalación de GESTAL SOLO en la maternidad

Last week we were installing 120 GESTAL SOLO, in the maternity rooms of a farm in Muñico (Ávila). With this automatic feeding system the sows eat exactly what they need according to their needs and setting by themselves the pace of consumption. This way, we make the most of their genetic potential and reduce wasted […]