Breathing point. Zoetis event in Brescia (Italy)

Breathing Point. Evento de Zoetis en Brescia

Last Thursday Zoetis organized an event with this title in the region of Brescia (northern Italy), in the town of  Pilzone beside Lake Iseo. About 80 veterinarians and production managers from Italy came together to share the latest knowledge and experiences on the control of respiratory disease.

Heiko Nathues, Tijs Tobias, Paolo Martelli and Carlos Piñeiro

Paolo Martelli moderated the discussions. The talks were presented by Heiko Nathues who described the new approach for modeling enzootic pneumonia. Meanwhile, Tijs Tobias, spoke about the control actinobacilosis with a minimal use of antibiotics. Carlos Piñeiro addressed the control of respiratory disease through the use of information in large databases.