Certification of the CDTI-Eureka WILT project

Proyecto CDTI-Eureka WILT (Wireless Livestock tracking system)

We have successfully certified the CDTI-Eureka WILT project (Wireless Livestock tracking system).

On one hand, thanks to this project we have been obtained movement patterns in Iberian pigs and calves that, after the application of the developed algorithms, these patterns explain the different animal behaviors.

On the other hand, the analysis of continuous records of the daily consumptions from pregnant sows and their daily entries to the feeding station appears to be an early indicator of disease.

Finally, based on data collected in the experimental tests and algorithms generated by the Pablo Olavide University for this project, it has been possible to develop a predictor software that is able to convert the data collected on movement and temperature into alerts of possible illness. Its display (the user interface has been designed in this project) is easy to operate even for people without specific technological training, and has clearly generated health alerts.