Collaboration between UPO and PigCHAMP

UPO and PigChamp study the movement and behaviour of swine livestock as a health indicator

Researchers from the Genetics and Informatic Systems Area of the Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) in Seville have signed an arrangement with the international swine consulting company PigChamp Pro Europa for the comparative study of different movement patterns as predictors of the sanitary status of the pigs. In a note, the UPO University points that the work to perform by the researchers is the transformation through algorithms of common use in computing of the data obtained from accelerometers implanted in animals, thus generating graphs that depict the movement patterns in pigs. As the experts tell, ‘this way, graphs for each animal are obtained, allowing to make a comparative study of the movement patterns of the individuals along the day and their relation with welfare and animal health”. The research team of UPO, leaded by Antonio Pérez Pulido and composed by the scientists Carlos Barranco, Domingo Rodríguez and Norberto Díaz, has wide experience in several methods of mass analysis of biological data stored in numeric matrices, as well as in the bioinformatic tool integration to build work groups.

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