Conference on biosecurity and antimicrobial resistance

Spain leads the consumption of antibiotics in the treatment of diseases in pig farms. The sector faces the challenge of drastically reducing this consumption and must count on biosecurity as an essential tool. If we are able to prevent and have a good sanitary condition, we will not need to medicate with antimicrobials. At PigCHAMP we are working to help the sector overcome these challenges.

Last Thursday 26 we attended in Burgos to the Conference on biosecurity and antimicrobial resistance, from the perspective of the new challenges in the internationalization of the porcine sector. It was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Junta de Castilla y León in collaboration with the most representative organizations of the pork sector: Interporc, Anprogapor and Feaspor with the participation of the cooperative Cobadu, Uvesa, Agrocesa and Carnes Selectas.

Presentación de Miguel Angel Higuera (ANPROGAPOR)
Miguel Angel Higuera (ANPROGAPOR)
Jornada de bioseguridad y resistencias antimicrobianas
Daniel de Miguel (INTERPORC)