XXII International Scientific Conference of PROHEALTH project, Poland

Prohealth Conference

In the framework of the PROHEALTH project, today we have participated in Puławy (Poland) at the XXII International Scientific Conference: Health – the most important factor in profitable swine production. Our colleague Gema Montalvo has presented a talk about the influence of climate and environmental conditions on the health and productive performance of pigs.


The PROHEALTH project is being developed by a consortium made up of 22 academic, industrial and private organizations from 11 countries, which in 2014 received the largest grant ever granted by the European Union in the field of animal health: € 11.9 million to explore new ways of ensuring the sustainability of modern livestock production. PigCHAMP leads one of the nine research lines dedicated to the study of environmental conditions on farms.

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Gema Montalvo and David Taylor
Gema Montalvo and David Taylor