CORDIS presents the results of the PROHEALTH project

CORDIS, the European Union Information Service on Research and Development, presents the results of the PROHEALTH project.

This article synthesizes the results of our research, as well as recommendations on the most viable ways to control production diseases that add value, are socially acceptable and significantly improve animal health. (Acces to Result In Brief)

In its fifth and final year, PROHEALTH has made several key findings. They include determining the biosecurity score and risk factors for production diseases in pig, broiler and layer chicken, and turkey farms across the EU.

This CORDIS Results Pack focuses on new approaches contributing solutions to tackling the four FOOD 2030 priorities by showcasing 13 ambitious cutting-edge EU research projects funded under the EU’s FP7 and Horizon 2020 research programmes relevant to food system transformation. (Acces to FOOD 2030)

PROHEALTH project, one among these, aims at improving competitiveness and sustainability of modern pig and poultry farming in Europe. The PROHEALTH project is being developed since 2013 by a consortium made up of 22 academic, industrial and private organizations from 11 countries. PigCHAMP leads one of the nine research lines dedicated to the study of environmental conditions on farms.