‘Costs of Ammonia Abatement and the Climate Co-Benefits’ book

Costs of Ammonia Abatement and the Climate Co-BenefitsThis week has been published the book ‘Costs of Ammonia Abatement and the Climate Co-Benefits’, printed by Springer. The aims of this book are to collect information on the costs of implementing different techniques and strategies to reduce ammonia emissions in the agricultural sector, based on scientific knowledge; and to support future policies to reduce nitrogen pollution.

Chapter 4, entitled ‘Ammonia Abatement by Animal Housing Techniques‘ has been written by Gema  Montalvo and Carlos Piñerio (PigCHAMP Pro Europe) and Mariano Herrero (Feaspor) as a complementary activity in the working group Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen (TFRN). This chapter provides information on the additional costs incurred by farmers implementing measures to abate ammonia emissions from livestock housing systems, from values derived in a Spanish case study.

We have also participated in the Chapter 3, entitled ‘Economics of Low Nitrogen Feeding Strategies‘, where we discuss the economic cost of implementing low-N feeding strategies which help to minimize the environmental effects.

You can access the book at its own homepage at Springer and at the eBook homepage.