One more step to impulse the digitalization of the agrifood and rural sector

Grupo Focal sobre Innovación en el área de la Digitalización y Big Data en el sector agroalimentario

Carlos Piñeiro is selected as an expert for the ‘Focus Group on Digitalization and Big Data for the Agrifood and Rural Sector’.

As a firm commitment of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) for the digitalization of the agri-food sector and within the framework of the European Innovation Association for agricultural productivity and sustainability (EIP-AGRI, in English, AEI- AGRI, in Spanish), has created a ‘Focus Group on Digitalization and Big Data for the Agrifood and Rural Sector.

This multidisciplinary working team is composed of research experts selected after a process, among which is Carlos Piñeiro, director of PigCHAMP. They will work in collaboration with the group coordinator to prepare a series of documents related to each of the seven challenges identified in the development field of this research group:

  1. Fight against rural depopulation, promotion of the incorporation of young people and reduction of the digital divide.
  2. Economic and environmental sustainability through the development of the bioeconomy and the circular economy.
  3. Surveillance, early detection of phyto and zoosanitary diseases, development of network warning systems, as well as treatment of pests and diseases.
  4. Sustainable forest management and prevention, detection and extinction of fires.
  5. Equitable distribution of added value along the chain and alternative marketing channels and promotion of rural development.
  6. Globalization and competitiveness in markets.
  7. Consumer demands in terms of information and participation in the market offer.

The creation of this Group is the starting point for drafting the strategic lines of digitalisation, which will be developed later in a digitization agenda for the agrifood and rural Sector.

This is a pioneering initiative, unique among the Member States, born of the conviction that aspects related to digitization, the use of information technologies and the processing of large volumes of data for decision-making, play a fundamental role so that the agri-food sector continues to be a world leader, leading the way in terms of competitiveness and developing a sustainable activity that respects the environment.


Fuente: MAPAMA