Learning about feeding and biosecurity in the demo farm “Fuente de la Higuera”

Aprendemos sobre alimentación y bioseguridad en la granja demo “Fuente de la Higuera”

A couple of weeks ago, we visited the “Fuente de la Higuera” demo farm in Granada, learning firsthand from our Nugasur colleagues, the best practices of feeding and biosecurity.

Nowadays we work with sows with a high genetic potential, for which it is very important to take care of feeding aspects. A high level of nutrition is essential to achieve its full genetic potential. Nugasur-Provimi works with a nutrition program aimed at the gestation and lactation sows with the objectives of improving animal health, maintaining good fertility and milk production and obtaining a return on investment through productive improvements of the sows.

Biosecurity is another fundamental aspect for any farm that wants to be competitive. In PigCHAMP we have been working in this area for years, improving the control of risks on farms. We liked protocols such as the one we saw in “Fuente de la Higuera” where manual disinfectant dispensers are installed at the entrance of each room seem, a simple example to help prevent the entry and spread of pathogens on farms and thus minimize their effect on the animals. Ideas like these, encourage us to continue improving our Custom Biosecurity Plans for each farm.