We lived a great week at FIGAN 2017

PigCHAMP Pro Europa has once again become an exhibitor to FIGAN 2017 loaded with news.

On one hand, the new image of the company has been presented, according to the evolution it has lived in the last years, increasing the number of employees and diversifying their professions. For some time we have, besides our veterinary team, agronomists and chemical engineers, with programmers, telecommunication engineers, physicists and mathematicians. This diversification is essential to carry out all the work that the company develops in the environment of agricultural technology and Pig Big Data.

FIGAN 2017
Data management and analysis team at PigCHAMP stand
FIGAN 2017
Inmaculada Díaz, Antonio Egea and Lidia de Lucas
FIGAN 2017
Miguel Ángel de Andrés showing the PigCHAMP software.

Stand de PigCHAMP en FIGAN 2017NOSIA

On the other hand, this commitment to innovative technology for farms has led us to make known to NOSIA, a company of the PigCHAMP group dedicated to this function in a specific way.

In this area we have presented OptiSCAN, the hand scale for pigs, and OptiSORT, the grading system for fattening pigs. Both products have had a great reception in FIGAN, which this year has had an influx of excellent visitors.


FIGAN 2017   FIGAN 2017

Formative talks


The cycles of formative talks generated a very positive answer within the fair. The first one, on Tuesday, March 28, was an intimate meeting with leading domestic producers and USDA analyst Tyler Cozens. We talked about the situation of the sector and the guests had the opportunity to share their concerns directly on the subject.

The second one, during the afternoon of Wednesday 29, had as its central theme the Pig Big Data, PigCHAMP Pro Europa’s big bet for the future. Attendees had the pleasure of listening to the always excellent Yuzo Koketsu talking about precision reproduction. Afterwards, Tyler Cozens spoke about the international situation of the sector and finally Tim Nelson, of Be Seen Be Safe, presented his system of control of external biosecurity and the importance that has today and for the future of the profession the biosecurity in all its aspects.

FIGAN 2017

FIGAN 2017

FIGAN 2017
Carlos Piñeiro and Yuzo Koketsu