Final report for Q-PorkChains project

Q-PorkChains is an EU funded project of the EU 6th Framework Program. It is the largest project, which is engaged in improving the quality of pork and pork products for the consumer. In total 62 organisations from 19 countries were working together during five years, from 2007-2011.

PigCHAMP has coordinated a Spanish pilot chain to validate the routine use of rapid methods for animal health, welfare and food safety. Furthermore PigCHAMP has supported the communication with the industry and SMEs for the set up of pilot and demonstration chains, as well as training and dissemination of results to SMEs in the Spanish pork sector.

PigCHAMP has developed several applied research projects together with partners in the pork chain from breeding to slaughter. The projects dealt with animal production such as nutrition, genetics, carcass and meat quality, environment and waste management, information management and high quality biomarkers where PigCHAMP had the experience of a previous project “New markers of immunological stress and welfare in animals; porcine acute phase proteins in the production of healthy pigs” (QLK5-CT-2001-02219).

You can download these final reports: