First edition of the Porc d’Or Iberian Awards

Iberian pig

The first edition of the Porc d’Or Iberian Awards will be held in Zafra (Badajoz) on April 21. The Porc d’Or Awards value the professionalism and the productive results of the farmers and producers, in this case of Iberian pig farms of Spain.

The event is organized by the Agricultural Research and Technology Institute (IRTA) of the Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat of Catalonia, with the support of Zafra City Council, ASICI and Zoetis.

The prizes are granted to farms that periodically submit their data to the BDporc-i, according to the criteria of Live Births (NV), Birth Rate (TP), and Numerical Productivity (NP). The farms belong to different categories, established according to the number of sows on the farm.

A total of 24 farms belonging to 6 provinces of 3 autonomous communities have been selected to dispute the statues, after analyzing more than 50,000 sows of Iberian pig farms voluntarily adhered to the BDporc-i. Castilla y León is the first region in the classification of nominees, with 26 nominations in total; followed by Extremadura with 24 and Andalucía with 4 nominations.

3 PigCHAMP Pro Europa customers’ farms opt for prizes in different categories, which we congratulate in advance for the nomination and wish luck in the event: Escobar Ganadera, Porcisan and Agropecuaria Salmantina.

You can consult the complete list of nominees.