HoCoTec+ and PigCHAMP Pro Europe partner to offer to the pig industry in Latin America applied research services

HoCoTec+ and PigCHAMP Pro Europe, have signed an agreement on July 20, 2018 to offer applied research services and implementation of information management systems for companies in the pig sector in Latin America. In this way, the efforts and experience of companies and countries with a strong tradition and presence in global pig production, such as the Netherlands and Spain, are combined with local knowledge of the Colombian and LatinAmerican markets.

This agreement is based on the need of companies to generate knowledge about the performance of their products under tropical commercial conditions.

For this reason, HoCoTec+ and PigChamp Pro Europa, through their subsidiary PigCHAMP Pro Latino, carry out field studies under commercially controlled production and clinical trial conditions, adapted to customer needs. Service starts on autumn 2018.

HoCoTec farm facilities