Improving biosecurity to improve productivity

Bioseguridad interna en PigCHAMP Pro Europa

To have a Biosecurity Strategy is a fundamental aspect of a farm which wants to be competitive. Whatever the size of the farm, it is necessary to identify and control all pathways and disease transmission, directly (replacement animals, for example) or indirectly (wind, vehicles, people, equipment, water, food or animals outside the farm).

In PigCHAMP we have been working for years on improving biosafety and risk control on farms, by implementing biosecurity plans customized for each farm.

In these Biosecurity Plans we perform a complete diagnosis of the key points that would offer more advantages when changes are made. Once the diagnosis is done, we proceed defining the short and medium term objectives, depending on the specific situation of each farm.

Sometimes, the farm needs to improve internal biosecurity. In that case, we apply measures like reorganize staff and tools, not to move from infected areas to free zones, establish work teams in dangerous areas or complex tasks, etc.

Internal biosecurity in PigCHAMP

In other cases, on the contrary, the most urgent is to improve the external biosecurity through new habits or even small installations or adaptations of the existing ones.

External biosecurity