Increase in repetitions due to management or PRRS. New article published in 3tres3

3tres3: Aumento de repeticiones ¿manejo o PRRS?

Our data management and analysis colleagues have published a new article in the 3tres3 magazine about the increase in repetitions due to management or PRRS.

The real case analyzed is a farm of 800 productive sows in the process of increasing the census up to 1150 productive, with a strong entrance renewal for a year. We work in bands of 3 weeks and we plan the step to weekly management by the time the census reaches 1000 sows.

After the study, it is concluded that normally, acyclic repetitions are associated with health problems, especially in farms infected with PRRS or influenza.

However, the origin of a problem should never be taken for granted just because it is similar to others experienced previously.

A correct analysis of data helps responsible professionals to be guided on the possible causes of the problems on the farms. Consult with us and we will help you!