2nd meeting of the digitalization and big data focal group in the agrifood, forestry and rural areas.

grupo focal de digitalización

On January 25, we participated in the second meeting of the focal group on digitization of the agricultural sector and the rural environment.

Within the framework of the European Innovation Partnership for agricultural productivity and sustainability, MAPAMA decided to launch a focus group on digitization and big data in the agrifood and forestry sector and in rural areas. To do this, it carried out a call for selection after which some 35 experts were selected. Among them, is Carlos Piñeiro, who attended the first meeting, held on November 23, 2017 with the objective of presenting the objectives of the group and the different members, and Gema Montalvo, who participated in the second meeting of the focus group.

In this second meeting of the group, barriers and recommendations were identified for the development of digitalization and Big Data in the agri-food sector and the rural environment that could be useful for other competent bodies, at a national or European level. In this sense, there were aspects that were especially taken into account such as data governance, interoperability and existing infrastructures in rural areas for the development of digitization and Big Data.

Grupo focal de digitalización
The participation of PigCHAMP was active in all the challenges, especially in the challenge 3 of surveillance and early detection of diseases and pests and in challenge 1 on rural depopulation. In addition, he presented his activity as a livestock adviser on digitization issues.

At the next meeting, to be held in mid-March, the conclusions reached by this working group will be presented.