New training courses

Periodically we give training to start or improve PigCHAMP software management  for users. Specifically, last week we organized one worshop, in face-to-face / online mixed mode, addressed for beginners users. This week, meanwhile, we will celebrate another one, for advanced users in online mode.

PigCHAMP software management training

In addition to these worshops whose call is internal and are aimed to data management and productivity analysis, we celebrate training in specific production areas, such as animal care, welfare and management procedures or environmental management and use of resources.

This kind of courses are usually organized in face-to-face mode, with an theoretical and practical approach, and places are limited. The training usually have place at the Swine Research Farm in Aguilafuente (Segovia).

In a couple of weeks a new workshop aimed to diagnose and treat lameness in breeding sows will be held. It lasts eight hours in one day from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. After the theory section, we will move to the gestation room where we will develop the practical section of the course. Each student will be able to diagnose himself, what kind of limp looks like and to perform the necessary treatment.