Newsletter 5 of PROHEALTH Project

newsletter5 prohealth


PROHEALTH is the largest European animal health project ever funded to help combat production diseases of pigs and poultry. The project includes a range of participatory R&D activities, involving the development of improvement strategies, dissemination activities and digital tools and platforms for the EU pig and poultry industries.

The PROHEALTH Consortium, set up by 22 partners from 10 EU member states and 1 associate country,   has expertise in veterinary science and epidemiology, physiology and immunology, genetics, nutrition, socio-economics, welfare and production science of pigs and poultry. PigCHAMP Pro Europa leads the ‘Environment’ project, related with the role of farm environment on the temporal expression of diseases.

Within the PROHEALTH project, newsletters are regularly published with news and articles. Number 5 includes the following articles on sustainable intensive production of pigs and poultry:

  1. Biosecurity in pig farms across Europe
  2. Vitamin D requirements during exposure to coccidia
  3. Similarities and specificities of gut microbiota of pigs and chickens
  4. Is it possible to determine how environmental parameters influence respiratory disease in grow-finish pigs?
  5. SwineDialog: On the path towards the paperless barn