Nutrition and immunity: new article published in 3tres3

Our colleague Joaquín Morales has published a new article in the magazine 3tres3 on Nutrition and Immunity.

Optimization of animal health enhances human food security, improves animal welfare and benefits of pig producers. For this reason, in the last years a considerable research effort has been carried out focused on the identification of nutrients or feeding strategies that benefit the immune system to cope with the entry of pathogens. In pork production, special attention has been paid to the period immediately following weaning, one of the most stressful times in pig life.

The literature review on this topic focuses on the biological alterations that occur after weaning in the immune and intestinal systems, which have a strong impact on the later growth of the animal and its health. The article proposes different nutritional strategies that can help alleviate or minimize the effects of this impact.

Pork producers should use appropriate sanitation and management strategies, but also nutritional strategies or feeding guidelines that help minimize adverse events from weaning stress, especially on farms with low sanitary conditions and increased risk of exposure to pathogens. In these farms, specific feeding programs should be used.

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