PigChamp and Prohealth in the press

Pig Champ participates in the first european project of research in animal health

The company PigChamp Pro participates in a consortium that received the biggest grant ever bestowed by the EU in the field of animal health.
Pig Champ, directed by Carlos Piñeiro, is integrated within the Prohealth consortium, with 21 partners more from 11 european countries coordinated by the University of Newcastle. Now it has received a 11.9 million euros grant focused to identify new solutions that reconcile the sustainability with the modern livestock production systems. The aim of this project is to research ways to increase the production quality, restrict their impact to the environment and make it possible for it to keep on being profitable for producers and for those who live from livestock production.

To achieve this objective, Prohealth will deal with illnesses that affect swine and poultry (chickens and turkeys destinated to the production of meat and eggs) livestock being raised in a wide variety of intensive systems across the EU. The complexity, causality, extension and risk of the different illnesses will be asessed, as well as their interaction under real conditions. Epidemiological and experimental focuses will be applied to search for the links between the genetic predisposition of the animals and the environmental stress factors together with the dinamic influence of the environment.

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