The role of your farm on the sows’ reproductive potential

The role of your farm on the sows' reproductive potential

One of the questions that make farmers doubtful is: it is worth to purchase hyperprolific sows for their farms? In many cases, financial reasons are the ones that tip the balance in one way or the other. The answer may lay on your own farm.

The team, consisting of Satomi Tani, Carlos Piñeiro and Yuzo Koketsu, has carried out a study to define the relationship between the potential of hyperprolific sows and the type of farm on which they are housed. They analyzed 491,290 matings throughout the productive life of 85,096 sows in 98 farms.

The data have been classified according to the sows’ productivity and the type of farm. The sows are classified in 3 groups according to their first parity results. Whereas the farms are classified in 3 groups depending on their production level.

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