Data management and analysis

The activity in this area focuses on the collection, processing, integration and analysis of data from different sources on farms (management software, sensors, feeding machines, scales, etc.) in order to facilitate decision making that helps to optimize production processes.

The data are analyzed separately and integrated in a single data base, which currently contains information of more than 300,000 sows from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil mainly. Thus we can study relationships between data that are not usually crossed by the difficulty involved.

We achieve all this process using the best and most cutting-edge tools:

  • For the collection of data, in addition to the traditional method, we use PDA digital systems, digital pens, smartphones or sophisticated sensor systems.
  • As for the visualization of the reports, we use tools that generate simple formats (type .doc or .pdf) and we also have interactive dahsboards. These platforms allow to visualize and analyze the information, as well as monitor the data and control the business through a system of alarms (productive, reproductive or consumption, for example). The distribution and confidentiality of the information is guaranteed by means of internet access with a username and password.

The management of all these tools is enriched with the expert knowledge of our technicians, veterinary professionals and agricultural engineers with years of experience in the field, who analyze in detail the data of each farm to draw conclusions and give the best advice to our customers.

In terms of products and services we offer, since 2000 we are distributors of PigCHAMP software, the most advanced and powerful pig management system on the market. In addition, being developers, we have the ability to generate our own products such as: