1-Click Farm

What 1-Click Farm is?

1-Click Farm is a report that allows to know the productive state of the farm and analyze the critical points. It consists of 5 blocks of information:1-Click Farm

  • Weaning per sow per year productivity diagram
  • Animal flow information, inventories and inputs of sows in production
  • Results of the gestation department (description of the different reproductive failures by birth and temporary)
  • Results of the maternity department (means of NT, NV, NM, delivery results, distribution of pre-weaning mortality, etc.)
  • Results of non-productive days (DNP)

It is offered in .pdf format and online, through user access and password to interactive dashboard. The results can be sent directly to the user or, if you prefer, can be analyzed by our technical team, who will add the appropriate comments.

What advantages does it have?

The main advantage of 1-Click Farm is speed. The user can analyze at a glance the productive state of the farm and identify the main strengths and weaknesses of the farm.

How is it implemented at farm?

The implementation of this product is very simple, since the report can be generated for any farm regardless of the management program that you use previously. In order to prepare it, the technical team will only need the backup of the data of the farm.

To take full advantage of the data, it is recommended a quarterly delivery frequency.

1clic farm
Download 1 click Farm report example