Benchmarking and comparative analysis

What Benchmarking and comparative analysis are?

Benchmarking and comparative analysis are reports that compare each farm in front of our database and assign a position in a ranking of farms with similar conditions.

Benchmarking can also be customized and applied to those companies which have a data volume large enough to need to establish the production average of the set, as well as to order the farms by results and compare them with the average.

What advantages does it have?

This service, without cost to our customers, allows to compare the results of each farm with farms that use the same software (PigCHAMP) and that, therefore, they are directly comparable because they use the same method of calculation. Our benchmarking is made of up to 300,000 sows although it is in continuous growth.

How is it implemented at farm?

The implementation of this product is very simple, since the technical team will only need the backup of the data of the farm.

In the case of farms that do not have PigCHAMP software and want to have such a service, we perform a previous conversion of the data from their source software to PigCHAMP and, once included in our database, we generate the report.

To take full advantage of the data, it is recommended a quarterly delivery frequency.

Download Benchmarking and comparative analysis report example