Bureau Service

What Bureau service is?

The Bureau service, or data entry service, is a service through which we take care of the input and quality control of the data we receive from farms in PigCHAMP software. The data can be reached by fax, letter, email or even whatsapp.

Once you have entered the data, we will give you the job reports you need (lists of activities on the farm: vaccinations, births, pregnancy diagnoses, etc.), as well as the sow cards or monthly and quarterly reports to know the general condition of your farm.

This service is always accompanied by the assistance to the farmer, who can consult us any questions or request a more detailed report at a specific time.

What advantages does it have?

–  No need to have a computer on the farm
–  The data are always updated
–  You do not need personnel dedicated to data entry or to the extraction of reports
–  You can request the reports you need at any time

How is it implemented at farm?

No special material is needed on the farm. We only agree on the type of forms that must be filled daily and be sent to our office with the frequency and way agreed (fax, email, whatsapp …).

Download Daily part form example
Descargar  Daily part form example