PigCHAMP Software

What PigCHAMP software is?

PigCHAMP software is a swine farms management program developed by the Swine Group of the University of Minnesota in the 1990s. Because the fact it has been developed by expert pig data analysts, the software is characterized by a great capacity for analysis.

PigCHAMP software

PigCHAMP allows you to manage the farms efficiently, facilitating the correct decision making, which translates into an increase in profitability. In addition, it can be complemented very well with products such as PigTRAX R or PigTRAX R + (data entry via paper forms that are automatically digitized) or PigCHAMP Mobile itself (data entry from a PDA); both systems that save time in data entry by writing them only once. In addition, the version of PigCHAMP Mobile allows to consult the basic reports and the data sheet of bristles; being able to make decisions of management and handling of the animals on site.

The available modules are:

  • Grow – Finish
  • Reproductive
PigCHAMP software
PigCHAMP software


What advantages does it have?

pigchamp software2
– Customizable data entry
– Customizable reports
– More than 400 filters to analyze
– Possibility to work in network
– Possibility to work online (PigCHAMP online)
– Integration with feeding machines
– Interfaces with genetic programs
– Possibility to work with PDA (PigCHAMP Mobile)
– The greater capacity of analysis
– The best technical support


How is it implemented on the farm?

The installation of the program is carried out by PigCHAMP staff, even for demo licenses, along with a initial training to use the program from the first day. In addition, to make the most of this tool, we offer tailor-made training, individual or group courses.

The transfer of data from the software previously used to PigCHAMP will not be a problem since we guarantee the preservation of historical data. All our services are accompanied by a high quality technical service with immediate response and incident tracking.

If you want to test the tool, consult the possibility of installing demo licenses of all modules at zero cost.

Technical support

Team Viewer

Download and run this software to allow remote access to PigCHAMP Pro Europe support technicians.