Reproductive Audit Report

What the Reproductive Audit Report is?

The Reproductive Audit Report is an exhaustive and detailed analysis of farm data made with PigCHAMP software. PigCHAMP’s enormous analytical capacity, which has more than 400 filters, added to the expert knowledge of our analysts, results in a report of great technical value.

This reports is based on the 1-Click Farm report, since which our technicians go deeper into data analysis using PigCHAMP. Thus, if the 1-Click Farm report determines, for example, that the percentage of stillborn piglets has increased, our analysts, who are aware of the risk factors that affect it, extract from PigCHAMP the necessary information to determine which of all risk factors is responsible for the increase. This same process is made in every one of the key production indexes.

The report is delivered in pdf format and we explain it personally whenever necessary.

What advantages does it have?

This type of report provides in-depth knowledge of the technical results of the farm as well as the relationships between them and the influence of different parameters on production.

How is it implemented at farm?

The implementation of this product is very simple, since the report can be generated for any farm regardless of the management program that you use previously. In order to prepare it, the technical team will only need the backup of the data of the farm.

The recommended frequency can be from semiannual to annual, although it is also recommended whenever problem is detected that worsens the indexes at farm and whose origin is not known.

Reproductive Audit demo Report
Download Reproductive Audit demo Report