TRAX Systems

What TRAX systems are?

Demostración pigTRAX
TRAX systems directly transcribe the data entered in a form manually, to an application where they are collected and updated automatically.

The operation is very simple: at the same time the farmer is writing with a digital pen in a form, the data is being sent to a smartphone and stored in the corresponding website. The form registers the data automatically and instantly, which will be updated and available for analysis from any device with internet access.

The fundamental value of TRAX systems is that you only have to write the farm data once. Simply writing on paper, we will have information to improve the efficiency and profitability of the farm.

From PigCHAMP Pro Europa, S.L. we offer the possibility for you to write the data collected at your farm only once and ensure their immediate update.

Our TRAX systems are:

What advantages does it have?

–  Reduce the time of data collection and processing
–  Quality of data is guaranteed and mistakes are minimized
–  Only a minimum training is necessary
–  It works in any geographical location and with any production system
–  Instant access to the information generated
–  Data, hour and location are registered
–  Compatible with any software
–  Pictures can be attached to the document
–  Higher return on your investment
–  Can be used to collect data from sows and nursery and grow finish pigs
–  Can be used for other species

How is it implemented on the farm?

The requirements for implementation on the farm are very simple. A digital pen, a smartphone and various forms will be supplied. In addition, we provide you with an initial training so that in a few minutes you will learn how to operate the system.

The forms that are usually used in each farm can be adapted to work with this system in total comfort. They can be of different types and and sheet sizes, A3, A4, A5, in cardboard or normal type paper. A previous computer work is required (digitization), which is commissioned by our technical team. Once completed, the forms are ready for use on each farm.

The way of working with the digital pen is very simple. Al the moment to write the microcamera will start recording. When the shipping box is marked, the pen is connected by bluetooth with the assigned smartphone, and the data is sent through that smartphone to the internet. This way, the data is instantly in the cloud.

Afterwards, the person in charge of receiving such information in our offices performs the validation. It is a very fast process since the handwritten letter and the digitized letter are visualized in the same screen. All data in which there is a recognition problem, are marked in another color. In this manner, validation is an extremely simple and reliable process.

Once validated, the system generates the files that will be automatically entered in PigCHAMP or in the corresponding system (for example in the dashboards or interactive reports of VetNotes, AviTRAX, etc …).