Other areas of work

In addition to the management of R & D projects, we carry out other activities related to the environment.

Evaluation of techniques to reduce air emissions

innovaPigCHAMP has an experience of over 15 years in the development of trials for the evaluation of techniques and products to reduce air emissions/inmisions of pollutants, in farm and field.

For the development of these tests, PigCHAMP has an Innova gas analyzer, model 1412 (DNOTA, S.A., Madrid) with photoacoustic infrared measurement technology. In order to calculate the net emission values, the concentration data provided by this equipment can be crossed with the air extraction velocity, measured by anemometers of Dwyer Air Velocity Transmitter, model nº 640-O (DNOTA, SA, Madrid ). To measure the temperature, thermometers are available from National Instruments, Model LM35 (DNOTA, S.A., Tres Cantos, Madrid).

Within the scope of this activity, PigCHAMP Pro Europa has been working for more than 10 years (2003-2014) as Tragsatec’s technical advisor, for the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment, in the implementation of the Industrial Emissions Directive  and in the elaboration of the Technical Documents on Best Available Techniques.

ingenieria ambiental_actividades imasd 4This has allowed us to have extensive experience in the development of tests for the evaluation of techniques and products to reduce air emissions of pollutants, as well as the measurement emissions / immissions of pollutant in farm and field, having carried out more than 10 evaluation tests about Best Available Techniques on-farm and 7 measurement studies about emissions / immissions at field.

Carlos Piñeiro, Director of PigCHAMP Pro Europa and Gema Montalvo, head of this department, are members of the Technical Working Group of the European Integrated Pollution Prevention Control Bureau of the European Commission, responsible for drafting the document IRPP-BREF (Intensive Pig and Poultry Production Reference Document).

Since 2005 PigCHAMP is member of TFRN (Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen) of UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) where we actively participate, among others, in the last reference guide for the control of emissions in livestock: Options for Ammonia Mitigation, Guidance from UNECE Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen.


Processing of official permits related to the environment

Advice for the processing of official permits related to the environment, such as Integrated Environmental Authorizations or notification of PRTR emissions is another of the services we provide to farmers. Thus, during 2006, approximately 100 files of applications for Integrated Environmental Authorization were processed for livestock installations of pigs and poultry. In addition, we offer a PRTR emission calculation and notification service, and personalized advice on environmental issues on the farm.

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