Applied research

Research under contract

The main objective of these trials is the assessment of commercial products and systems under field conditions.

Running field studies is one of the main activities of PigCHAMP Pro Europa since its foundation, being more than 200 the studies conducted for important companies of the sector. We have highly qualified staff and a wide networking farms, where we can assess products or systems with maximum confidence. PigCHAMP Pro Europa guarantees professionalism, confidentiality, versatility and competitive prices.

PigCHAMP field trials are conducted under controlled commercial conditions, both zootechnical and clinical assays, adapted to suit the client’s needs:

  • Trials with registration purpose: following the guidelines of EFSA or EMEA
  • Strategic marketing trials: studies of validation to compare your product or system with others in the market.
  • Trials to optimize the use of your product.

Research under contract

The main characteristics of our studies are:

  1. Combination of disciplines: Assessment of productive performance, clinical signs, environment, behavior or digestibility.
  2. Combination of productive phases: possibility of conducting trials in gilts + gestation + lactation + nursery + fattening + slaughterhouse (carcass and meat assessment).
  3. Integral service: From the experimental protocol draft til the publication of results, including the selection of farm, conduction of the experimental trial, registration, processing and statistical analysis of data, ROI calculation, final report and presentation or peer reviewed publication of main results.