Implementation of R & D systems in production companies

The issue: 

In every company exists the need of testing products or systems to guarantee reaching the required levels of efficiency and quality, promoting the competitiveness of the company. In the swine sector this is linked to several areas, such as nutrition, reproduction, health, facilities, animal welfare, environment and lastly, in a special way, with the use of antibiotics.

To define which are the most adequate, cheap and competitive for each company is not an easy task, and many times the decisions are taken without having the minimal required information, and therefore assuming very high risks.

On the other hand, it is frequent that all companies run tests of products or systems is a routine but many times the experiments finish with more doubts than at the beginning because:

  • Inadequate experimental designs
  • Insufficient number of replicates
  • Wrong or nonexistent analysis of results, including statistics
  • Deficient and wrong time monitoring and control of the study
  • Not appropriately trained employees

Resulting in investments of time and resources with low return which generate quite frustration in the different levels involved in the study. In fact, our proposal is not based in working more, but better and reducing costs, not increasing them, as the results account demonstrates after applying our system.







The solution:

From PigCHAMP, we can help you to establish your own R&D system which generates a high return since the beginning. We can adapt to your needs, what they would be. The system can be also adapted in medium or big companies which currently have a certain structure on it and they want to improve it; and also in small companies (producers up to 5000 reproductive sows) who want to know in depth their productive system and become more competitive.
In all cases, with our proposal you will be able to start up a system of work of high profitability for your company and almost from the beginning. The cost which can be generated by these inefficiencies or wrong decisions becomes surprising in many companies, because many times they are unnoticed. If you want to know our proposal adapted to your company, do not hesitate to contact us.