We are in Seville at the XXXVIII Symposium of Anaporc


This week we are in Seville to participate in the XXXVIII Annual Symposium of Anaporc. We have a very active role participating in the commercial papers on September 21, with the talk “One-click farm: how to see and understand one or many farms in 10 minutes” and the scientific presentation of the day 22 presenting the first results obtained by PigCHAMP, through the PROHEALTH Project, on “The influence of environmental factors on health and production“.

You can see the complete program of the edition, and know more about what is 1-Click Farm which we are so proud of.

We leave some photos of the talks of Carlos Piñeiro and the stand with our Japanese friends. Anaporc PigCHAMP Anaporc PigCHAMPAnaporc PigCHAMP

Anaporc PigCHAMP
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Anaporc PigCHAMP
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