Starting the ‘Towards INMS’ Project

Primera reunión International Nitrogen Management System (INMS)

Last 27th and April 28th we moved to Lisbon to attend the first meeting of the Project ‘Towards INMS (International Nitrogen Management System)’.

This project aims to improve the understanding of the Global Nitrogen Cycle and to establish an International Nitrogen Management System (INMS)’. The project is a proposal to the Global Environment Foundation (GEF) Trust Fund. The big message is to count the co-benefits of a joined-up nitrogen approach. By addressing better management across the nitrogen cycle, we can contribute to improving Economy-Wide Nitrogen Use Efficiency, while reducing surplus that would often be wasted as pollution, specially in developing countries.

PigCHAMP took part as a consultant and R & D company in the livestock sector, providing a realistic point of view about the possibilities of implementing the proposed techniques and strategies to mitigate emissions.

Next months, ideas and projects proposed by individual members of the consortium will be settled. Besides, the project will be submitted to be processed.