PigCHAMP Pro Latino

Mission and services of the company

PigCHAMP Pro Latino is a subsidiary of PigCHAMP Pro Europe, whose mission is based on technological innovation, information management for pig farms and providing innovative tools that allow optimization in data capture, information analysis and the improvement of production systems according to the Latin American livestock industry.

Under the direction of Diego Rojas, zootechnologist and professional of recognized prestige, with long experience in production and animal health, PigCHAMP Pro Latino meets the needs of producers and entrepreneurs in terms of information systems, analysis of data (productive, reproductive, health and environmental), research by contract or data management through automated feeding machines, with which quality information is generated that allows economically profitable decision making for livestock entrepreneurs.

Products such as PigCHAMP software, SIP Economic System, GESTAL, EKOMILLE and FARMCONTROL, are currently distributed in Latin America by PigCHAMP Pro Latino adding technological and innovative tools for the benefit of agribusiness.

Location and contact


Calle 15, # 2 – 22 Casa 7
Cota – Cundinamarca (Colombia).


(+57) 1 – 8759405


Angélica Ruíz M.

Gerente de PigCHAMP Pro Latino

Ingeniera de Producción Animal de la Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander, Magister en Gestión Ambiental, Calidad y Auditoría para empresas de la Universidad EUDE de España.

+57 304 529 0077