In the next three years, PigCHAMP will develop the SUPERSOWS project together with the Brazilian company Consuitec. This project is financed by CDTI, an entity dependent on MINECO, through its Innoglobal line.


Supersows_PigCHAMP Pro Europa
Logo del proyecto SUPERSOWS

The project aims to detect and characterize a sub-population of elite sows that exists in all pig farms (supersows) and determine their needs. To this end, the working procedures necessary to optimize the potential of high performance sows (supersows) on commercial farms, will be developed and the profile of the microbiota of hyperprolific sows and the influence of nutrition, health and the management plan.

Specifically, will be evaluated the influence of:

  • A specific contribution of essential minerals and aminoacids,
  • A comprehensive vaccination plan
  • An intensive care of aplomos in the reproductive results and in the appearance of supersows in the farms.

The tests will be extended from the piglets to the farms (weighing 20 kg) until the end of their third gestation and will be carried out simultaneously on a Spanish farm (the Experimental Pig Center) and two large Brazilian farms (with more than 2000 breeding sows).

With the development of this project, PigCHAMP aims to deepen an area of ​​knowledge that began in 2015 with the analysis of its reproductive database and culminated in the publication in the Journal of Animal Science of the scientific paper “High lifetime and reproductive performance of sows on southern European Union commercial farms can be predicted by high numbers of pigs born alive in parity one”. J. Anim. Sci. 2015.93:2501–2508. Iida, R., C. Piñeiro, and Y. Koketsu.