International Symposium (Mexico): Environmental management in swine farms

Simposio Internacional sobre “Gestión Ambiental en Granjas Porcinas y Perspectivas de la Porcicultura Orgánica

Today, part of our team is in Mexico. Carlos Pineiro, Director of PigCHAMP Pro Europe, presents two conferences (‘Environmental Health Management‘ and ‘Impact of different production systems‘) at the International Symposium on “Environmental Management Farms Porcinas and Prospects of the Organic Poultry Industry” held in the Autonomous Metropolitan University Xochimilco – UAM. The aim of […]

Analyzing data from feeding machines

These past few weeks we have worked on the definition of a methodology to extract data from electronic sow feeding, mainly gestation. Afterwards, we will combine data from other sources, such as lactation barns. This service will be applied in companies of Castilla y Leon region, where we also offer training services adapted to the needs of each one.  

Working day in data management in Hungary

Working day in data management in Hungary

We have spent a few days in the region of Tokaj, Hungary, sharing information about data management and productivity analysis  with a Hungarian company specialized in the pig, beef and poultry production sector.