CORDIS presents the results of the PROHEALTH project

CORDIS, the European Union Information Service on Research and Development, presents the results of the PROHEALTH project. This article synthesizes the results of our research, as well as recommendations on the most viable ways to control production diseases that add value, are socially acceptable and significantly improve animal health. (Acces to Result In Brief) In its […]

4th annual meeting of PROHEALTH project in Limassol (Cyprus)

Reunión anual del proyecto PROHEALTH (Chipre)

The 4th annual meeting of PROHEALTH project was held from November 27 to 29 in the city of Limassol, Cyprus, and was attended by 44 members of the working group. The congress began on the 27th with a meeting of young scientists who explained their activity in the project environment. Manuel Jiménez, colleague of PigCHAMP, […]

XXII International Scientific Conference of PROHEALTH project, Poland

Prohealth Conference

In the framework of the PROHEALTH project, today we have participated in Puławy (Poland) at the XXII International Scientific Conference: Health – the most important factor in profitable swine production. Our colleague Gema Montalvo has presented a talk about the influence of climate and environmental conditions on the health and productive performance of pigs.   […]

2° Giornata della Suinicoltura: Biosecurity and animal health

2° Giornata della Suinicoltura

The 2° Giornata della Suinicoltura was held in Montichiari, BS (Italy) on 26 May. The event, organized by EXPOCONSULTING and sponsored by Zoetis, Boehringer, Phileo and Unitec, brought together national and international experts to present their vision on Biosecurity and animal health. Together Carlos Piñeiro, our ambassador for PigCHAMP, were Loris Alborali, Gabriele Canali, Elisa Bianco, […]

Workshop on Emergency preparedness for Trans-boundary Animal Diseases (Brussels)

Workshop on Emergency preparedness for Trans-boundary Animal Diseases

The Workshop on Emergency preparedness for Trans-boundary Animal Diseases has taken place today 16th May 2017 in Brussels. The event is organized by the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the European Federation of Animal Health Services (FESASS). The workshop is aimed to contribute to build up relationship and trust between public […]

Newsletter 4 of PROHEALTH Project

PROHEALTH is the largest European animal health project ever funded to help combat production diseases of pigs and poultry. The project includes a range of participatory R&D activities, involving the development of improvement strategies, dissemination activities and digital tools and platforms for the EU pig and poultry industries. The PROHEALTH Consortium, set up by 22 partners from 10 […]

PROHEALTH conference in Athens

On Sunday, 11 December 2016, we will be in Athens, in the international conference of PROHEALTH, about sustainable control of pig and poultry production diseases. The aim of the event is to present the latest outcomes from recent studies on challenges and opportunities in pig and poultry production. The programme topics focus on new insights on the control of […]