Visit of Korean businessmen coordinated by Kubus

Visita de empresarios coreanos coordinada por Kubus

On a very busy day, we also received the visit of the veterinarian and consultant Nazaré Lisboa. In a visit coordinated by KUBUS S.A.., we received on April 24 a delegation of Korean businessmen linked to the pig sector. Interested in the application of artificial intelligence in the sector, they visited the facilities of the […]

Swine Research Farm awarded with FIGAN Excellence Award 2019

The International Fair for Animal Production (FIGAN) has awarded the Swine Research Farm (CEP) with the “Excellence Award 2019” for its “good work contributing innovative technical aspects that generate improvements in livestock activity”. CEP is a piglet and fattening production farm with capacity for 500 breeders located in Aguilafuente (Segovia). Its business model combines high […]