Benchmarking of the fourth quarter of 2018 with record numbers

Demo benchmarking second quarter

Benchmarking is a powerful service with which we compare key indicators of production of a farm against the average of our database. This allows our clients to know their position in a ranking of farms with similar conditions and know their strengths and in which they should improve. We already have the data for the closing […]

We improve the exchange of genetic data with new farms

We are very pleased to share that it is already possible to include and analyse the genetic information of Topigs Norsvin and Hermitage in PigCHAMP software. This achievement, the result of a few months of intense work, has culminated in the design of an interface developed by Topigs Holland and PigCHAMP Inc, with the collaboration of Topigs […]

Analyzing data from feeding machines

These past few weeks we have worked on the definition of a methodology to extract data from electronic sow feeding, mainly gestation. Afterwards, we will combine data from other sources, such as lactation barns. This service will be applied in companies of Castilla y Leon region, where we also offer training services adapted to the needs of each one.