Eating behaviors in lactating sows

Patrones de ingesta de cerdas lactantes por Gestal

The feeding behaviour of sows is an important variable to be measured in pig farms. For lactating sows, which are individually housed, electronic power supply systems are available. These systems allow the producer to decide and adjust the amount of feed supplied to each sow. New options allowing the sow to choose how much and […]

Approval of the SUMINAPP project about zinc and copper supplementation in diet

Last week, the Eureka Secretariat officially announced the approval of the SUMINAPP project requested by PigCHAMP in the latest Eurostars call. It is a very large project, with a total budget of more than 2 million euros, which we will develop with two French entities (Animine and Cirad). The objective of this project is to provide […]

Learning about feeding and biosecurity in the demo farm “Fuente de la Higuera”

Aprendemos sobre alimentación y bioseguridad en la granja demo “Fuente de la Higuera”

A couple of weeks ago, we visited the “Fuente de la Higuera” demo farm in Granada, learning firsthand from our Nugasur colleagues, the best practices of feeding and biosecurity. Nowadays we work with sows with a high genetic potential, for which it is very important to take care of feeding aspects. A high level of nutrition is essential to achieve […]