X AVPA Congress 2017, Zaragoza

Today we have been in Zaragoza at the X Congress of the Porcine Veterinary Association of Aragon (AVPA) held on November 22 and 23, 2017 in the Assembly Hall of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The title of this edition was “Future strategies for the control of swine diseases“. There, our colleague Miguel Ángel de […]

International Seminar (Colombia): Use of diagnostic tools in swine preventive medicine

Seminario Internacional: Uso de ayudas diagnósticas en medicina preventiva porcina

It is not the first time we gladly collaborate with the Colombian Association of Pork Producers. In this case, we are participating in the International Seminar “Use of diagnostic tools in swine preventive medicine“. The Seminar is an initiative of Unidad de Diagnóstico de la Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Escuela de Medina Veterinaria, Universidad de Antioquia […]

Workshop about lameness in sows

Jornada formacion cojeras_PigCHAMP Pro Europa

The implementation of the European Animal Welfare Law in 2013 increased the incidence of lameness in farms, so much so that today is the third cause of sending sows to slaughter (15.2% of the cases), behind respiratory problems (26.3%) or because of age (36.6%) . The concern for this problem is widespread, as proves the growing number of […]