Two new research projects funded by the ADE

The Agency for Innovation, Financing and Internationalization Business (ADE) of Castilla y León has confirmed its support for the development of two research projects through its line of aid for the realization of R & D projects of SMEs.

With the first funded project, called GPSAN, PigCHAMP aims to improve the profitability of farms dedicated to swine production thanks to the reduction of mortality and diseases due to the incidence of the Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) by means of a novel system of control of the internal flow of personnel movement in farms. This objective will result in a key improvement for the livestock sector, with a high impact in the region.

The second project, called SMARTHEALTH, is focused on the development of a system that allows the accurate and efficient collection of all data related to medication and vaccination programs, as well as the control of the health status of pig farms in time real. This will reduce the use of antibiotics on the farm, mainly oral antibiotics, through the individual control of pathologies in pigs and the implementation of vaccination plans adapted to the conditions of each farm.