We create PigCHAMP Pro Latino

pigChamp pro Latino

We create PigCHAMP Pro Latino to develop the business of information management and implementation of innovative technologies in farms in Latin America.

The company will have its headquarters in Bogota (Colombia). We will assist the needs of producers and veterinarians in information systems and data analysis, both productive, reproductive, health, antibiotic, environmental and food machine use, which generate quality information that supports decision-making in the sector.

PigCHAMP Pro Latino will collaborate in the distribution of PigCHAMP software, SIP Economic Management System, GESTAL, EKOMILLE and FARMCONTROL, although in the future it will be joined more technological and innovative solutions.

The company will be led by Diego Rojas, a zootechnician and professional of recognized prestige, with a long expertise in animal production and health.

PigCHAMP Pro Latino begins its activity in AgroExpo Bogotá in July of 2017, sponsoring the PORKS awards to the best Colombian farmers, promoted and coordinated by Pork Colombia