Workshop about lameness in sows

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The implementation of the European Animal Welfare Law in 2013 increased the incidence of lameness in farms, so much so that today is the third cause of sending sows to slaughter (15.2% of the cases), behind respiratory problems (26.3%) or because of age (36.6%) .

The concern for this problem is widespread, as proves the growing number of scientific publications from 5 in 2009 to 29 in 2013. However, we do not already know the relationship between the type of injury and facilities, if there is a link between the diet or the age of the sow; or even how much this issue affects farm production. Aware of lot of research still to do on the control of lameness on farms, we have initiated a new specific project.

The first step has been the development of a software platform to register standardized data on lameness worldwide.

As we analyze the information collected, we will have greater knowledge to understand the different situations and risk factors on farms, which finally will allow us to offer solutions adapted to each case.

This week we have organized a workshop in the Swine Research Farm for veterinarians to raise awareness of the problem of lameness in sows on farms and present this new tool.

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