XXIV edition of the Porc d’Or awards in Segovia

Estatuillas premios Porc dOr. Fuente: http://www.agronewscastillayleon.com/

The best pig farms of 2017 were announced during the gala of XXIV Porc d’Or awards that took place in Segovia on the night of November 17.

The Porc d’Or awards constitute a benchmark for Spanish pig companies and farms, which see in them a recognition of excellence at work. The contest is organized by the Institute of Research and Technology Agroalimentarias (IRTA), of the Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat of Catalonia and counted with the greater number of sponsors (between which was PigCHAMP Pro Europe) and collaborators of all the editions. The twenty-fourth edition was attended by 800 professionals from the pork sector, as well as personalities.

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The farms that opt ​​for the prizes are adhered to the BDporc, the reference database of the Spanish pig. For this edition, BDporc has analyzed the data of 850,000 sows, spread over 700 farms throughout Spain. 120 farms are nominated and finally 45 prizes are distributed in different modalities and 4 special prizes. The winners have been selected by a jury composed of professionals and recognized experts in the pork industry, livestock research and administration, among which is Carlos Piñeiro, Director of PigCHAMP. 7 prized were awarded to farms managed with PigCHAMP software.

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Equipo PigCHAMP premios Porc d'Or 2017
Part of PigCHAMP at the gala of XXIV Porc d’Or awards
XXIV Premios Porc d'Or
The jury of the prizes